Blogging Blunders?

Stop the press! Sarah Thompson is officially a blogger!

While preparing to write this post, I’d never so much as read an academic blog, let alone set up my own public writing portal. I was heading for a serious strain of academic blogging blunders that would only begin with the trivial process of setting up a blog. Lucky for me, it was pretty simple. A quick search of free blogging sites, a couple visits to other academic blogs, and voila, I had my very own blog!

The amount of pride that I feel knowing my brilliant ideas and genius criticisms will now be published for the entire world to read is slightly overwhelming. Now, in my humble opinion, that is quite the responsibility. The public is going to be relying on me for information. The public is going to be depending on me for accurate responses. The public is going to be turning to me in the event of an academic crisis, using the words of my very own mind to contribute to their insights. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. The bottom line is that the work I do is no longer just for the professor’s eyes. My work is out there for anyone in the entire academic globe to read. That is almost unfathomable to me, but I’m up to the challenge. Really, I am.

After two hundred and fifty words, I am now an official blogger on all topics media related. Trust me, I will keep you updated on the media world!


2 Responses to Blogging Blunders?

  1. Ian Reilly says:

    great start, sarah!

    keep writing,

  2. Paul Vermeersch says:

    I second that. Great start!

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